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Whats New September 2021

New September software release of Sirvez to version 1.024 to include calendar update, workflow visuals, notifications and whole heap more.

The latest version 1.024 of Sirvez has arrived. 


You're going to find it easier than every to learn and use the worlds only dedicated audio visual workflow management system. 


So whats new for September? 

  • Calendar Updates - Adding a new calendar entry is now much easier with improved forms and activity tracking, if anyone edits an existing calendar entry, you can now track easily, check out the full update in our walk through Video here.
  • Workflow Visuals - move between the various phases in a project with the new imporved workflow viusal: see a walkthrough video here:
  • Manual check in of products - New, now you can check in products without using the QR labels by using the manual check feature - See the walkthough video here
  • QR Labels - New roll layout - updated design for labels, we now have 2 methods to track products location and log activity of each individual product as it works its way through the project. see walkthough video here: 
  • Upload files to main project dashboard - you will now see the option to upload a file to the main dashobard, see image here
  • Remember site in site survey - The system now remembers the first site that you add in a site survey and auto selects this site if you add a new location, see waltkthough here
  • Notification Centre added for walkthrough videos, you will see these on most pages now, to remove click "Close". see walk through here
  • Expandable / moveable project modules - You can now move the modules about and create the perfect dashboard to suit the needs of the project. See walkthough here
  • ERP API Integrations Update
    •  Product Imports - track product changes on a quote or Sales Order and apply to project instantly see walk through here 

What we are working on...

Our priority for September are as follows:

  • Xero Integration - Integrating our platform with third party finance systems is a must for customers to use the system to its full potential. Xero is one of the largest systems on the market, we have this
  • IOS App for ipad - whilst we probably wont complete this in Septmber, it is always good to know what we are up to - our aim is to have this completed in mid to late October time.
  • Chat module improvements - New features to include a dialgouge box that follows you around the screen (you don't need to be on the same project screen to see a chat) with the option of multiple chat windows open (similar to Facebook and Linkedin) also more option in the chat module to edit / delete and add nested comments.

So, log in and have a play about with the new additions or if you haven't yet made your mind up, sign up for a 1 to 1 demo with me here.

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