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Whats New August 2021

New software release of Sirvez to version 1.023 to include Knowledge base, improvements to products and a new logo

1. Knowledge Base

The knowledge-base website went live this month, head on over to for instruction and help documents on how to use every aspect of Sirvez. This is still a working progress but we have added the Customer Portal document here this will be a working progress for the whole of August but we hope to have all sections completed. 

Help – Just an

2. Form Product Changes 

The process of adding products to forms has need been improved with the addition of a Search and select feature that links direct to your product library.

To add a product type your search term in the search box, in the dropdown you will see all of the product search terms that have come back. Select the product you want here and click "Add" 


Sirvez - 2021-08-01T155344.102

3. Opening Hours

Head to Settings > Company > Opening Time to view the business hours section. Adding these details will auto set your calendar entries default times. 

Sirvez - 2021-08-01T155753.528

4. New Logo

The new branding has been on the task list for many months, the original logo was always a temporary stop gap until we had more time to devote to improving the branding. The new logo represents a tick for the "V". We hope you like it, we are very happy with it. Let us you know what you think of the branding in the comments below.  LogoMain-06

5. Customer Search bar 

Small change but many requests to improve the customer search. The new Search field can be found at the top of the customer section. Type your search request and if the customer exists, it will be shown below in the customer section

Sirvez - 2021-08-01T160712.698

6. Customer Filters 

customise the fields available on the main customer section (see above, Sites, Locations, Projects etc) by clicking on the "+" button in the far right (see image above) you will see a list of options, these include the following: 

Sirvez - 2021-08-01T161032.214

7. Import / Export Product CSVs

You can now easily bulk add products to your library via CSV import, head on over to the products library and click on "Actions" you will see 3 options, Export CSV will allow you to download all of your existing products. Import CSV will allow you to import new products. Click no the "Import Template" to download an example CSV on how to order your imported products so they add to the library without any issues. 

Sirvez - 2021-08-01T161324.127


8. Duplicate Locations

Simple way to replicate similar rooms. to duplicate a room, click on the actions button and you will now see a "Duplicate" link. Click on this to copy the room, including any products. forms and images you have added. 

Sirvez - 2021-08-01T161843.047

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