Comprehensive AV site surveys in half the time

Site surveys are a crucial part of every AV project. When done properly they can help a project proceed on time and on budget

Site surveys are a crucial part of every AV project. When done properly they can help a project proceed on time and on budget, but with so much information to take in and so many changeable factors, carrying out a comprehensive site survey can take a significant amount of time and require multiple visits.

Site survey pain points

The biggest issue when it comes to site surveys can be the sheer amount of information you need to gather and the variables involved, even on a small project. It can also be the case that different people will record and store this information in different ways creating a lack of consistency in the site survey experience – something that could well lead to errors and confusion.
Not only that, but with many people still using pen and paper to record their site surveys, deciphering that information accurately when you’re back at your desk isn’t always easy. And that’s before clients change their minds, want to add new products or change room layouts.

The need for accuracy

Despite these challenges, it’s essential that site surveys are accurate. They will form the basis of your project and all future activities will be affected by the quality of the original site survey. If kit placements aren’t recorded accurately or potential obstacles aren’t recognised it can have a major impact on every aspect of a space. Even if you can work around these omissions, it may be that the final result isn’t quite what the client was expecting, and the last thing you want is an unhappy customer.

Simplify the process with Sirvez

And that’s where Sirvez comes in. Using conditional logic and a simple click and drag interface, Sirvez takes the opportunity for human error out of the site survey process. To conduct a new site survey it’s simply a case of creating a new project and following a few easy steps to record the information you need accurately and consistently. Templated forms mean you’ll always ask the right questions and conditional logic means you won’t be able to make choices that wouldn’t work in real life. You can even take a photo of the space, add stickers showing what is to be installed where as well as make notes, highlights and annotations so the engineer is fully informed ahead of work beginning.
As an additional feature, Sirvez can be linked with ERP/CRM systems to provide a quote directly based on the information gathered.

For projects with multiple similar rooms, this information can then be duplicated and tweaked as needed, saving time for the integrator. The end user also benefits as they, and other key stakeholders, can be given visibility of what was recorded meaning everyone is kept informed at all points and the opportunities for miscommunication are reduced.

To find out more about Sirvez and how you can create surveys and quotes in no time visit or watch our step-by-step video.


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